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Consumers want safe, effective installation for their new solar battery. It’s up to you to set the standard and ensure best practice design and installation of safe solar batteries. Future Energy Skills has developed and piloted new learning resources and assessment tools for the qualification 22453VIC Course in New Energy Technology Systems.

Undertaking the NETS qualification will allow you to:

  • Work in a high demand and up and coming industry sector with immense growth
  • Access training recognised by the CEC for battery endorsement
  • Receive training designed and endorsed by the industry
  • Get 24/7 access to a new visual training platform providing best practice learning innovation
  • Receive industry updates post course within an online community of peers and teachers (the members area of this website)

The Course

What to Expect

The course in New Energy Technology Systems (NETS) is a nationally recognised qualification only delivered at Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). The training program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to safely undertake a site assessment, design and install a grid connected battery storage system based on your client’s needs.

The units are:

  • VU22123: Undertake site assessment for installation of a grid-connected renewable energy generation system.
  • VU22124: Design a grid-connected photovoltaic generation system to meet client requirements.
  • VU22125: Design a grid-connected battery storage system to meet client requirements.
  • UEERE4001: Install, maintain and fault find battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems.

Qualified installers need the highest level of skills and knowledge to assess, design and install new energy systems safely and competently. This has led the NETS course to package a unique training program of superior standard.

The NETS course is delivered using best practice learning innovation, with sharp and effective video at its core, helping students to retain knowledge before, during and after the course. Learning is practical and easy.

Training will be delivered using a ‘flipped classroom’ technique. This means you will participate in on-line pre-learning to support knowledge and comprehension and then apply the information in the classroom.

To make learning easy and effective, the training will provide a combination of:

  • Videos pre-course (individual led)
  • Scenario-based learning during course (facilitator led)
  • Practical activities during course (facilitator led)
  • Social learning platform post course (peer to peer, industry updates)

Here’s an example video of what students will experience during the course.

You can check out the learning delivery model below.

For general enquiries about the course, please contact Future Energy Skills on 1300 110 079 or

Becoming accredited by the Clean Energy Council

When you become accredited by the Clean Energy Council, consumers will seek you out for safe and reliable design and installation of solar and solar batteries.

Once you have completed NETS course and received your qualification (and provided you already have CEC solar accreditation), you can apply for battery endorsement.

Please find out more information about battery endorsement here.

NETS Post Course Website Membership

On completion of the NETS course you will be automatically provided with access to the NETS Post Course Website. This exclusive membership site is an innovative way for you to receive continuous course and industry updates through visual media. There will be the opportunity for peer to peer communication and collaboration through discussion forums. You will also have access to course resources such as pre-learning videos.