The solar revolution is here, and it’s time to get on board

You’re already seeing it happening around you. Right now, there are over 2 million homes with rooftop solar across Australia, and the numbers are rising. Renewable energy is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, as the global push for a more sustainable future shifts towards becoming a necessity rather than choice.

In Victoria, our state government is championing the movement with their $1.24 billion Solar Homes program, providing financial rebates for households installing solar panels and batteries, and it’s happening in other states too. With the program’s second phase now underway, Victorians are now more than ever, looking for trained, qualified and accredited solar electricians to safely and effectively install solar panels and batteries in their homes.

Solar batteries are where it’s at.

As consumers start to make the switch to solar, so will the workforce. Under the Solar Homes program, the Victorian government is investing $9 million to support the accreditation of 4,500 electricians to install solar panels. More and more electricians have joined the revolution, training to become qualified and accredited in rooftop solar installation.

If you’re a licensed electrician with experience in solar and looking to upskill, then look no further. The solar battery industry is rapidly growing, and so is demand for skilled battery installers, as more consumers with rooftop solar look to take the next step. Industry identified a critical shortage of trained and qualified solar battery installers, which prompted the Victorian Government to fund the New Energy Technology Systems (NETS) project to create and pilot new training in solar battery system design and installation.

Train now and get ahead of the game.

There’s never been a better time to upskill and lead the future of clean energy. Solar batteries are already becoming the next big thing, and this is your chance as a skilled solar electrician to be a part of it. Consumers want safe, effective installation for their new solar battery. And it’s up to you to set the standards and ensure best practice design and installation of solar batteries.

The NETS course has been developed to provide you with just that – all the training, tools and resources you need to become a top-tier, qualified solar battery electrician. You’ll receive quality training that has been designed and endorsed by key industry members including Clean Energy Council, Energy Safe Victoria, Electrical Trades Union and Country Fire Authority. Get the skills that you need to deliver site assessments, design and installation of solar battery systems at the highest standards.

Enrol today.

The NETS course is a nationally recognised qualification, only delivered at Registered Training Organisations (RTO). The pilot has been designed to use best practice learning and innovation with visual learning methodology at its core, so learning is practical and easy. What’s more, the cost of the pilot course is just $480 – so there’s really nothing stopping you!

Find your closest RTO and enrol today.