Innovative training to shape future energy leaders

As technology evolves, so do the methods of learning about it. Long lectures, essays in theory and heavy textbooks – this is the classroom of the past.

Pushing boundaries and leading in best practice learning innovation, the New Energy Technology Systems (NETS) course is delivered with sharp and effective video at its core – helping students to retain knowledge before, during and after the course.

Learning is made practical, and easy.

The training in this course is delivered using a ‘flipped classroom’ technique. This means that students participate in online pre-learning to support and prep them to be able to then apply the supporting knowledge it in class.

Rather than giving students textbook bundles of readings that are time consuming and less engaging, these videos are a short and productive approach to draw students into a learning environment that is active, easy and effective.

Solar batteries, just like any new energy technology, are a complex system that requires expertise and skill to assess, design and install. Learning needs be practical, visual, accessible and engaging for students, to ensure they retain and apply knowledge at the highest level.

Research into student and teacher’s wants and needs in the classroom, and beyond, has informed these innovative developments in learning and education, delivering engaging and unique results that stick.

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